The Salt Mine Wieliczka


The Salt Mine Wieliczka is the oldest salt enterprise on Polish land dating back to the Middle Ages. For centurie it was the source of country”s wealth and the material foundation of its rich culture. Nowadays the Salt Min eis one of the most popular tourist attraction in Poland thet is visited  by over 1,000 000 people every year.

The spatial arrangement of its excavated structure Has been shaped by several centurie of rock  salt exploitation.Lying on nine levels ,concealed dunder the town, the Mine reaches down to the depta of 327 metres. Subterranean Wieliczka consists of nearly 300 kilometes of  corridors and almost 3,000 chambers. The tourist router accessible to visitorse includes a 3.5-kilometres section located from 64 to 135 mrtres  below grodnu level. The visitors can Admie many carvings and murals, that Wieliczka miners hale left behind such as magnificent chapels, captivating underground lasek, original tools and equipment. These traces of miting Works allow us to understand the human struggle  against the elements, their work, their passion and their beliefs. After sightseeing Wielicza offers a Rest in the chaber complex 125 metres underground where tourists  can find  souvenir shops , a restaurant and a post Office. In the undergrounds of The Wieliczka Salt Mne visitors can enjoy various types of social events which are organized, such as conferences banquets, weddings, the New Years Eve Ball, concerts, sport performances. Our guests are often accompanied by legendary characters of the Mine: the Treasurer, Princess Kinga, the miner’s band plays concerts and exhibitions of salt carvings take place. Staying underground is particularly beneficial for people with upper respiratory tract problems and allergies. These ailments can be treated at the Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Center situated in The Lake Wessel Chaber.

In 1978, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was entered in the National Monuents Registry. Two years later in 1978 the Mine was inscribed in UNESCO’s First Word List of Cultural  and Natural Heritage and in 1994 it was acknowledged as Nationl Hostory Monument by the president of Poland.

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